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By Crew of Vessel Assist
[January 18, 2015|No Comment]

2014 was a very busy year for Vessel Assist San Diego.  We added Vessel Assist “Coronado,” a new high-speed response vessel with an extended fuel range, in order to make more short-range cases without having to re-fuel as often. As most people know, the fishing was epic in 2014, often sending most of Vessel Assist San [...]

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Vessel Assist San Diego Busy During First Winter Storm of the Season
By Crew of Vessel Assist
[January 8, 2011|No Comment]

The first major winter storm sinks several boats while flooding local streets. It was reported that over 8 inches of rain fell in areas of San Diego flooding several roads and business. Vessel Assist San Diego responded to almost a dozen sinking or sunken boats. “Boaters really need to respect the volume [...]

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Vessel Assist San Diego Urges Boaters to Use Personal Locator Beacons
By Crew of Vessel Assist
[February 1, 2011|No Comment]

For years most commercial marine companies have required all personnel to wear lifejackets (PFD’s). Now Personal Locator Beacons (PLB’s) has become required equipment in several marine companies and for good reason. Cases have come up where a vessel sinks and the EPIRB has gone down with the boat or boaters drift away [...]

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